Spending all your checks on pizza? Just get paid in pizza.

Homeslice, Happy Camper and Paradise Park are sister pizzerias that serve up pan-style pies in the Lincoln Park, Old Town and Wicker Park neighborhoods of Chicago, respectively.

I've been their go-to jack-of-all-creative guy for a few years now and it's been a goat cheese and marinara flavored dream. They even named a pizza after me; at Homeslice and Paradise Park it's the "Hot for Horn" and at Happy Camper it's simply the "Steve".


Web Design + E-CommercE

The owners needed a site refresh that unified all 3 of their restaurants while keeping their unique looks and feels, well, unique. So I did that. I'm also in charge of making sure their online ordering and shopping runs smoother than house-made ranch. Launch the Happy Camper site by clicking here, Paradise Park’s here and launch Homeslice's right here.


Menu Design

I've made several iterations of menus for the restaurants, most recently landing on a look that is "printed" by burning the design directly into thin slabs of wood. Also, shoutout to the Instagram user who had hot pizza for breakfast.


Brand voice

The owners have cracked the code on the "Instagram-friendly" restaurant with a very-Millennial-voice. One ripe for posting on walls, online and on menus.