An epic end to a stellar season.

The NBA tasked us with creating a campaign with enough legs to change dozens of times over the course of the postseason; as teams got eliminated, our spots needed to update. Considering the ever-changing narrative of the Playoffs and the fact that it’s basketball’s biggest stage (with the brightest stars), we decided to give the whole damn thing the most super heroic, comic book-iest, Marvel-ous treatment basketball fans had seen since Barkley fought Godzilla.


TV - Playoffs, historical, & finals

Illustrator Conrad Javier and Director Ellen Su (of Aardman Nathan Love) brought this saga to life with a toolkit the NBA could update in real-time as teams moved on (as well as producing a spot with historical footage to promote the Finals before the match-up was set).

We also tapped a superhero in his own right, Michael B. Jordan, to voice our spots and got Murda Beatz to produce original tracks for our Finals work. Big time shouts go out to Andy Ferguson, Geoff Proud, Eduardo Petersen, Rachel Leathers, Winslow Dennis, Matt Flaherty and many more folks at Translation.


The amount of individual assets we created to make this toolkit updatable was nauseating. Keep on scrolling and clicking through my favorites to fully appreciated this Content Machine.

split screen.jpg

Extensions (social, OOH, apparel)

The campaign took on a life of its own–extending across all of the NBA’s social channels, getting plastered on a bus that traveled to different Playoff cities to let fans see the Larry O’Brien Trophy, and even shrinking down to foot-size for a merch partnership with Stance Stocks.


Nike also picked up our artwork to make shirts. Drake wore one.

drake tee still.jpeg

RADIO & Print

We also got a chance to bring the comic concept to more traditional media–a theatrical homage to the Super Friends on radio and a polished look in print inside the NBA Finals program illustrated by Stefano Caselli.