"Copywriter" is far too prescriptive.

While I pay my bills by writing words, I really get my jollies from doing all sorts of other creative things. Here're a bunch of projects that don't necessarily involve by-the-book copy-writing (and a few others that do, but didn't earn a spot on the homepage.)

Happy scrolling.


Design and Art Direction

Some logos and designs I've made for friends and family.


Rebrand of UW-Madison's student radio station that I art directed with the insanely talented designer Alex Perez.


Some logos I designed:

1. Identity for UW-Madison's Journalism School, used to merchandise that raised funds for the program.

2. Badge I made for a Minneapolis-based soccer/futsal club. The compass needle points down to represent the club's beginnings in South Minneapolis. The 5 vertical stripes represent the 5 city lakes (Cedar, Isles, Calhoun, Harriet, Nokomis). Green & Blue represent the many parks of the Twin Cities Area.

3. Designed in college, this logo won the Real Estate Club's rebranding contest. The letters U and W form the windowed walls of a piece of property.


My buddy Oppi made an album. He had men write a letter and women make a piece of art based on each song. I laid out each letter and designed a few of the spreads of the album booklet.


I designed a series of limited-edition screen printed t-shirts to raise money for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. The theme of the designs were "Ride the Wave".


Quick little digital poster series for Longman & Eagle, a favorite haunt by my old apartment. They put these bad boys on their Twitter.


Agency Promotion

Because sometimes ad agencies need advertising.


Little six-word .gif poems I wrote for one of Planet Propaganda's holiday cards.


I got to come up with Tom, Dick & Harry's client holiday gift, in which we gave up our long-hidden secret for creativity: get drunk on the job.


A video we made for Valentine's Day explaining to perspective talent that Chicago is a city worth loving even when it's shitty outside.


A couple other dumb holiday videos we made on the cheap at Tom, Dick & Harry.


Chicago Magazine asked us to come up with a campaign to hypothetically rebrand Chicago. We played off the insight that Chicago is the only city with a call-to-action in its name (delivered with a bit of big city attitude).


Other writing proJECTS

If projects are creative's babies, consider these my step kids.


Print ads for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the #1 rehab hospital in the country. Fun story: these were featured on the back of Playbill when I went to see the Book of Mormon with my parents.


A script I wrote for Optimine, a small digital media analysis start up, explaining what exactly they do.


I wrote this script for my Mom's company, Cooperative Network, which legislates on behalf of all of the cooperative businesses in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. That's right, folks. Pro-bono work for my mother.



Because you made it this far down the page, here's a video I made for a high school Spanish project.