The Man is now the Machine.

The original Maytag Repairman had lost his luster. By reimagining the Man as the Machine itself, and personifying everything that people want in a great appliance (good looks, hard work, dependability and power) we were able to turn an out-of-work old man to a hard-at-work hero.



The Extra Power Button makes Maytag extra powerful. Powerful enough to power through HGTV-level B.O. This ad is running online before shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers on Hulu. That’s hyper. Targeted. Content. Folks.



We documented dependability being delivered all across these great United States. And then cut the footage down a buncha different ways. Big ups to Louie Calvano, Dylan Krenka and Esteban Izquierdo. Directed by Martin Granger of Moxie Pictures.



We packed Maytag Power into pre-roll. These videos are running before every college football highlight on Twitter and giving home-owning fans a hand. Shoutout to Louie Calvano, Jenny Grant and James Collins for letting me toss a couple scripts into the crazy-fast production.


The No-Smear Plug-In

To promote the release of Maytag Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel we created a plug-in that removed political smears from people's social feeds during the filthy 2016 Presidential Campaign season.


Featured in AdAge


as Powerful as Maytag

Here're two quick ones not featuring The Man. Proving that not everything should be as powerful as Maytag.


The Man on Social

A really fun, third-person, voice to write for. While I thunk many into existence, the posts below are some of my favorites (and I included a comp that we sent to a San Fransisco-born client, just for fun).


Power Ballads

Maytag is America's most powerful appliance, touting features like PowerCold, PowerBlast and PowerDry. Now, how on earth would we tell people that fact on the radio? Why, with '80s-inspired Power Ballads,  of course!

(This one actually kind of hurts. We had a client who really dug hair-bands and took this concept as far as getting Poison on the hook to perform our Anthem ballad on video as well as several product-feature-based tunes. Sadly, that client left before the full idea came to fruition.)