So much more than stand mixers.

We relaunched this iconic brand by telling folks that KitchenAid makes every tool for every thing they love to do in the kitchen. Each product built to aid them, so they get the most out of making.


ANother year, another campaign

Oops, we did it again. After a lot of back and forth with our clients on 2017’s ‘Yours for the Making’ work (below), we were tasked with taking all of the good of that campaign and reconcepting something that was more globally relevant, unified their entire product portfolio better and was chock-full of the word “Maker.” Special shoutout to Christina Swan, Kristina Spaid, Armando Zuniga and Rob Tripas (and many more) on this one. Directed by Filip Engstrom of Smuggler.


And here’s a :30 product spot!


And look here! Short-form content! There are a ton, but I like these four best.


TV/OLV (yours for the making)

Food feeds the body, but for passionate cooks, making it feeds the soul. Here’s the 90-second Anthem that launched the campaign. Made with Sam Bordignon, Dylan Krenka, Esteban Izquerido, Rob Tripas and many others. Directed by Hoffman/Metoyer of MJZ.


And a 30-second spot that we used to launch the Black Stainless Collection.


We also turned some of the match-cuts into 6-second pre-roll.


Featured as AdWeek's Ad of the Day


Print (yours for the making)

A version of the manifesto I penned was repurposed as a 6-page sequential placement in the August 2017 edition of Food & Wine Magazine to launch the new campaign in print. Shot by Anna Palma.


THANKSGIVING 2017 (yours for the making)

I thought it'd be fun to make an ad that gave home cooks a way to keep their family members out of their way on the biggest cooking holiday of the year.

The client liked the insight a lot and bought a special placement in the Thanksgiving issue of Food Network Magazine.

It took up two full spreads and had an insert with perforated cards, titled YOUR CARDS FOR KITCHEN SANITY, that gave guests tasks far far away from the kitchen.