Grab a pair. Of pants, of course.

Duluth Trading Company made a name for itself with some very cheeky TV ads. I had the pleasure of bringing that tongue-in-cheek voice online.


Last Pants Standing Microsite

We made a parallax site that took real life Duluth customer's stories of what they put their Fire Hose Work Pants through (from wild boar run-ins to deep sea dives) and put the pants through it all over again.


The Manimator X-mas X-perience

We used product-themed Christmas Carols to drive holiday shoppers to Once they landed there, folks could use the "Manimator" to cycle through different dudely duds, build a wishlist, then share it with their friends (guaranteeing themselves a Manly Christmas).


The Dot Com

I got to have some fun with the Duluth website copy.