Full disclosure: I sold weed.

Fuller disclosure: Illinois' largest cultivator of medical marijuana, Cresco Labs, hired us to sell a movement.

Catch was, Illinois law says you can't advertise the "goods" directly. So we made things like print ads that didn't show products, videos that solely informed and got some free press by teaming up with Chicago's best pastry chef.



It's against state law to show pot itself in medical marijuana ads, so we used print to sell benefits, not products: relaxed muscles for arthritis sufferers, increased appetite for chemo patients, etc.


HOW-TO Video

Some politicians tried to make getting a card harder, so we tried to explain it easily.


In the News

Our campaign got picked up by The Chicago Tribune, here. And Cresco garnered some other earned mentions by partnering with award-winning Pastry Chef Mindy Segal to make their line of edible treats. The partnership was featured in: New York Times Magazine, Food & Wine, Zagat, MicEater, Vice and The Chicago Tribune.