Who let Conan out?

Sometimes, Conan O'Brien takes his show on the road. And the ads promoting said road shows have a decidedly different look than the nightly production. The head of design at Digitas is chums with Conan's team, so they tapped us twice to make out-of-home boards and posters.


Conan in NYC

Back in October 2016, Conan made his return to New York City. However, he must have forgotten how to get around town–because his show wound up being shot at the storied Apollo Theater in Harlem. Which is not the first place you think of when you think of Big, White, Conan. We landed on a style inspired by this iconic Apollo poster advertising a James Brown set.


Here are a few other concepts that didn't make the final cut, but I love them too much to not put them online. Click 'em to enlarge 'em.


Conan in Berlin

Later that year, Conan traveled to Berlin. Hilarity ensued. Namely, because Conan had no idea how to handle German customs. That's why our billboards advertising the special appeared like rave-reviews, that Conan would surly approve and plaster across the U.S. However, when translated, the boards offered up a hint at how the German people really felt about his visit.

Translation: "Disappointment!"

Translation: "Disappointment!"


Translation: "Super not funny!"

Translation: "Four Stars - One being the highest"